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AA Jedson Company, LLC is driven by an exceptional team of experienced construction managers, skilled craftsman, field and support staff who recognize the importance of commitment, responsibility, attentiveness and partnership. Our reputation has been proudly earned due to the emphasis placed on delivering superior service within an aggressive time frame and within budget. Our highly principled business model has been the fundamental building block in maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients, architects, designers, and business owners.

We fully cooperate in the process of establishing goals, addressing conception issues, outlining budgetary guidelines, detecting engineering challenges, procuring materials, and anything else required in order to ensure a successful operation.

With over 40 years’ experience in construction management, our projects have taken us all over the world. Whether a sleek residential loft or vast commercial space, our team specializes in completing projects at or under specified time frames. Our forward approach and exemplary product have consistently provided AA Jedson Company LLC with enterprising ventures in the multi-million dollar range and we continue to grow with our clients, as we assist in their growth.


AA Jedson is a construction management firm serving the East Coast. We are an approved vendor by the MTA and are Certified and Licensed. Specializing in all phases on construction, our expertise date back 40 years. We not only provide high quality construction management services, but have the ability to also fund those same projects.


We know construction. When you partner with AA Jedson, you can expect superior service, aggressive work schedules and budgets, and a team that recognizes the importance of commitment, responsibility, attentiveness and partnership.



Michael A. Bordes, certified General Contractor and President of AA Jedson Company LLC, has decades of experience in construction management. After starting out in his teens as a laborer, Michael clearly demonstrated a natural talent and propelled through the many phases of the construction business, learning and honing his skills one branch at a time. His knowledge and expertise, combined with exceptional directorial and organizational skills, continued to present to Michael bigger and broader opportunities with more and more satisfied, repeat clients. His buildings projects have taken him all over the world, with the majority regionally located along the East Coast.

At each job site, Michael maintains the integrity of a fine craftsman while committing to the business of working within his clients budgets, schedules, conception issues and engineering specifications. He has remained connected to the ever-changing and progressive techniques and characteristics that revolutionize building and development. Michael is the person you will speak to at AA Jedson Company LLC and his name is stamped on every page of every job, from start to finish.

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